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Trailer is lit but i probably cant run it!

I love this prototype and cant't wait for the new game to come out. Please hurry! I want my 3d platformers back!

cant wait for it to be released!

I love parkour games!

love it, this ever gonna get a followup?

This game is very good! The control's a bit too sensitive for me but it's very promising overall! Can't wait for the full release!

i am downloading it right now so i will now rate till i download it .. promise.


Loved this game. I can't wait to play the full version

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Really, really cool. There are a few issues/bugs I found while playing, also a few suggestions to make the controls and actions feel better.

I found a few bugs, like when you're in front of the blue building that you can go in with the stairs and the logo at the top, there's a bit of ground you can fall into. And one of the open walls at the edge of the main area can be skipped over and you can go into the amalgamation of no collision blocks and get to the edge of the map and fall into oblivion. Also, there's a rare chance for your arms and hands to stay raised after climbing a wall, which can be fixed just by running.

Some suggestions is when you've grabbed onto an edge and are hanging from a wall, you look up towards your hands instead of straight forward, because it's disorienting  and makes it hard to determine if I'm falling (if I missed the wall) or hanging. Another suggestion is to make it so that you hold the space button to wall run instead of hoping for the game to respond correctly and stick you to the wall when jumping at it (which was also a problem in the first mirrors edge, which was frustrating). Last thing, when jumping off a wall you're wall running on, make it so that it shoots you in the general direction of where you're looking, instead of launching you sideways.

Great game though, hope it receives all the support it deserves! :)

This is one of the best parkor games out there i cant wait for the ful version 

nigga i'm horney as shit

This would be a gnarly ass game

i quite like this game, the aesthetic is cool and the music is nice. If you are going to make a full game, maybe make the subway take you to other places and you have to pay for new stations.

Taking aside some of the bugs, and my small problem with running, this game still very fun and jumping around has the same satisfying feeling that I should get from a parkour game. And I'm quite impressed that "Mirror's Edge" isn't one of the influences (maybe it lowkey is.) the system of rolling on the floor after falling could be a great touch!

 Tl,dr; I like this game a lot and I'd play a full version.

Just want  to say that was pretty fun! I got all the do$h and went down into the subway. I would definitely like to see this made into a full game

Interesting game,i would play something like this but,you need a better style to the game,better visual i mean,theres nothing wrong about the low poly style,buts it needs quite an improvement on that(you problably know),also make things more interesting,the city,the graffiti,objectives;hover:the revolt of gamers,did quite well on that,its a good reference .

Parkour never looked so good! Hoping to play more if the future yields more gameplay.

I was really impressed with this teamporpoise and I hope to see a full version at somepoint. Well dont and good luck


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I know this is just a prototype, but it was really well done! Love all the free ruining mechanics such as wall jumping and sliding on the ground! I wish there were more levels to play! 

Solid game would play full version

Nice and... G O O D

lol that run, runfar.exe pun tho, oh yeah, really cool game

Can you make a version for Macintosh?

please full veson

pls add more to this game the movement and parkour controls are great but I feel like there isn't enough to do pls add more to this game

Great little prototype, I think this idea has a lot of potential and could be really fun if further developed. Full thoughts in the video below:

best idea :)

please work on this don't let it go

PLZ on mac!!!! :)


nice egg.

This game was super cool! Would totally play a full game of it.

nice game is very very funny

about the robot arm i noticed on the roof with the 2 chairs and the hat thta there was blood on the ground!?!?what is that all about p.s the arm is behind the subway. O:P

i loved this game but waht is the robot arm for and plz make the map bigger and add more things to do other than parkor. also mak a parkor race agains npc's


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