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pretty cool

This was one of the most amazing games I have played in a very long time.

I really am looking forward to the full release

it's been like 4 years since the prototype was released i don't think they're doing anything with it

I just found it a few months ago. But, it might take a lot of work to make.

nice game


This game was super fun and chill, I would definitely play the full game!


this game is just charming. a full game would be really fun. i like how you decorated the environment and made you have a reason for collecting things

Hyvä peli!

its a good game make a full one

I've never fallen through the floor as often as I did in this game xD

But still no regret since the town is pretty beautiful and the movement not all too shabby [^^]


Really cool game! I would love some more interaction with the game, maybe a story or sorts? But amazing movement and lighting! Also I got the hang of it pretty fast! Really good game. :D

Amazing game!! Love it. Definitely should be a full game. Keep up the good work!!

The game feels amazing! Just to jump off walls and slide, it fells great! You guys should definitely make a full game of this.  

Please when you make the full game keep it free and make it that after the subway there are more npc's that you can get quest from. Thank you!

It's got a very mirror's edge type feel to it, but it's also still unique! I love the feel of it, and the sort of semi-freeroam of a controlled area where you can go anywhere within it's borders is kinda cool. I would definitely like to see a full game.

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I would want a full game like this

This was cool indeed! Would love to have a toggle for sprint though

Upvote! I like parkour.

very cool game, good work!


i love parkour too follow me @sam.i.am05

The game was good. I loved the parkour. The only thing I could ask for would be a coin tracker when there is only 10 left or something similar

Great game dude, love the running and it feels good to just move around the game. 

The wall running and wall jumping does need a little bit of work, it just doesn't feel good to me, Ill try to explain why if you need me to, but it just doesn't have that weight or something. 

Coins that have more value should also have more than just a Blue outline. 

Maybe make bronze coins the regular ones and gold coins have more value? idk, all up to you. 


Great game, would love to play full release!


game is awesome!can't wait for full release

Great game I can't wait for the full version!

Mine doesnt work, just black screen

By the time I finished this video and got around to looking up more about this game it seems to have mostly disappeared. I'm not sure if it's still in development, but I'd happily check it out again in the future if so. Anyways, here's a little video I put together after completing the demo - if you're interested.

This was really nice ! Had cool Mirror's Edge vibes and references :) Looking forward to seeing a whole game  :D

is there controller support?

A sumptuous mix of Jet Set radio and Mirror Edge. I really liked this short but already fun "prototype". Looking forward to seeing the final game. ;)  


Loved it!

Great game, would play again!

the game sounds fun


im loving it

really like it

plz help

is the games still being developed or did they quit?

Are you still developing this game?


i cant seem to look around, any idea how i fix that?

What OS do you have?


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